Matthew Geary - Senior Lecturer In Conservation Biology

Prairie 104 Department of Biological Sciences
University of Chester
Parkgate Road

Phone: 01244 511276


My research focuses on modelling populations in space and time. Currently I am working on using these models to identify vulnerable demographic features, investigate habitat associations and provide evidence-based advice for land managers and conservationists. I have projects involving birds, mammals, invertebrates and amphibians in the Great Britain, Ireland, South East Asia and the Caribbean. I have a keen interest in the use of computational methods in ecology and environmental science and believe that the use of novel computational techniques has the potential to answer many questions in ecology and conservation. I currently supervise several MRes students working on topics related to conservation biology and ecology. I am also involved in supervising PhD students and have experience as an examiner for PhD qualifications.

Academic Positions

Grants awarded


2014 - 2015
PGCert - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
University of Chester
Postgraduate Certificate covering design and delivery of learning, evaluation methods, assessment, pedagogical research and student supervision.

PhD - The long term viability of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) populations in a changing upland landscape
Manchester Metropolitan University, Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology

Using modelling approaches to investigate population change and long-term viability in a black grouse population. Habitat suitability models, primarily MaxEnt, are used to investigate the effect of habitat change on this population. Original models, written in R, are used to simulate and assess future habitat scenarios for black grouse conservation.

MRes Ecology and Environmental Management
University of York

2004-2007 BSc (Hons) Biology (2.i)
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Employment History

2014 - 2017
Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology/Animal Behaviour, University of Chester

2013 - 2014 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University Of Southampton

Student Experience Tutor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Associate Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

2010 Consultant Researcher for the European Space Agency & Manchester Airport

Ecological Surveyor, Highland Ornithology



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Conferences and Presentations