Pond colonisation on the Black Isle

w/ Scottish Natural Heritage and Dr. Lottie Hosie

Ponds are a specialist habitat which have been lost across large areas of Great Britain during the last century. This has led to the creation of ponds as an example of conservation management in many areas. The ultimate objective of such pond creation efforts may be to benefit particular target species such as great crested newt (Triturus cristatus), however, they also provide habitat, both transient and permanent for a range of other species. This project will use biodiversity assessments of newly created ponds on the Black Isle, Scottish Highlands, spanning a range of ages. The project will investigate changes in species richness and diversity over time as well as habitat features associated with particular taxa. This project will involve fieldwork in the Highlands of Scotland and students should be expected to be based there during the field season. This project would suit a student who is keen to work in the field. It will require good networking skills and the ability to work independently.