#Tawny Owls in Cheshire

w/ Cheshire Raptor Study Group

Tawny owl (Strix aluco) is Britain’s commonest owl species although populations have declined in recent years. Population decline is likely related to the impacts of land-use change on food resources and the availability of nest sites. Previous nestbox schemes for Tawny owl where natural nest sites are scarce, particularly in plantation woodland, have been extremely successful. This project will coincide the with creation of a nestbox scheme for Tawny owl in and around Delamere forest in Cheshire. The project will involve monitoring these boxes, in conjunction with licensed individuals from the Cheshire Raptor Study Group, and investigating the relationships between box use, nesting success and productivity with box characteristics and habitat. This project would suit a student who is interested in ornithological fieldwork. The project will require the ability to work closely with partners and good networking skills.