Conservation Ecology of Houbara Bustard on Lanzarote

Dr Matt Geary and Prof. Cynthia Burek – University of Chester
Dr. Nigel Collar – IUCN Bustard Specialist Group
  Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata) is a large bird in the bustard family which is threatened across its range in N. Africa. The largest threat to its populations is through overharvesting by recreational hunters. Although the subspecies of Houbara bustard endemic to the Canary Islands is largely free from this threat, pressures from changes to agricultural practices and wider development driven by the tourist industry have the potential to impact on Canarian bustard populations. This project aims to identify and, where possible, quantify potential threats to the Houbara bustard population on Lanzarote in order to suggest effective conservation measures for this subspecies. The project would involve fieldwork in Lanzarote locating displaying males and taking relevant environmental measurements as well as using remote sensing to produce important environmental data. The student is likely to be based in Lanzarote for several months during the project. Knowledge of Spanish would be useful but not essential. Previous experience of fieldwork and the ability to drive would be very beneficial.